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Quisitive Selected as Horizontal Digital’s Exclusive Cloud Solution Provider and Strategic Channel Partner
November 18, 2020
Quisitive, a premier Microsoft Solutions Provider, was selected by Horizontal Digital to be its exclusive Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and strategic channel partner.

TORONTONov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc. (TSXV: QUIS), a premier Microsoft Solutions Provider, was selected by Horizontal Digital (“Horizontal”) to be its exclusive Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (“CSP”) and strategic channel partner.

Horizontal is a leading digital consultancy that helps its clients optimize digital marketing initiatives by leveraging data from their customer’s digital experience and engagement with their end customers. Horizontal uses this data to architect meaningful, end-to-end experiences through strategy, creativity, and technology.

Prior to engaging Quisitive, Horizontal was paying a monthly fee for its internal Microsoft Cloud Service, which served as a critical element of their back-end operations. As Horizontal’s new CSP under a multi-year agreement, Quisitive will seamlessly manage Horizontal’s licensing subscriptions and cloud services, for its internal operations needs that will empower them to optimize their internal Microsoft spend, Microsoft productivity, and collaboration tools and operations.

As part of the strategic partnership, Quisitive enables Horizontal to deploy its internal Azure services and Microsoft productivity platforms and services more cost-efficiently. Now in partnership with Quisitive, Horizontal can refer the clients that need Microsoft Azure CSP services to deploy their solutions on Azure, directly to Quisitive. Furthermore, as the CSP for Horizontal’s clients, Quisitive will manage the cloud services licensing process, allowing them to spend their time on strategic business activities. Microsoft is leaning heavily on its partner network of Cloud Solution Providers to handle the provisioning, billing, and ongoing management of cloud services for its customers. Doing so greatly improves their customer’s speed to market with cloud solutions by reducing friction in the purchasing, onboarding, and migration process. Horizontal will now be able to leverage Quisitive’s robust CSP relationship with Microsoft and its portfolio of services, to provide significant value to Horizontal, its clients, and Microsoft.

“Quisitive will provide Horizontal a number of benefits thanks to their unrivaled expertise within the cloud solutions ecosystem and their longstanding association with Microsoft as one of its top partners,” said Sabin Ephrem, CEO at Horizontal Digital. “Not only will they provide immense value to Horizontal as our CSP, but what makes this partnership special is Quisitive’s ability to go the distance and ensure that our clients’ Azure infrastructure and platform capabilities are correctly aligned with their respective CSP needs, all while providing ongoing CSP services.”

Quisitive CEO Mike Reinhart added: “It was very clear from the onset of our engagement that there was an incremental opportunity to engage Horizontal Digital not just as a customer, but also as a strategic channel partner. Whether Horizontal’s clients are dissatisfied with their current cloud service provider or if any future clients need a dependable CSP to drive their infrastructure, Quisitive will be there with Horizontal where needed. Considering the synergistic partnership, we will be able to offer our full suite of services to their vast network of established clients, with the potential of diversifying and augmenting our revenue streams. We look forward to working with Horizontal on this strategic initiative of delivering a more seamless and frictionless process to get customers on Microsoft cloud services.”

About Quisitive:
Quisitive (TSXV: QUIS) is a premier Microsoft solutions provider that helps enterprises move, operate, and innovate in the Microsoft cloud: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft O365. Quisitive also provides proprietary SaaS solutions such as CRG emPerformTM and LedgerPay that complement the Microsoft platform. Quisitive serves clients globally from offices in the U.S and Canada. For more information, visit www.Quisitive.com and follow @BeQuisitive.

About Horizontal Digital:
Horizontal Digital is an experience-forward consultancy that builds exceptional website, mobile, ecommerce and portal experiences that meet customers with the right message, at the right moment. We deliver on this promise by fusing every digital touchpoint with customer data from sales, service, ecommerce and marketing programs we design and implement. These connected experiences create and continue conversations for customers across all departments and channels – empowering organizations to build stronger relationships with them in the process. In tandem, we harness the data from these engagements to create a 360-degree view of each customer. The result: Actionable intelligence that enables you to anticipate their needs and solve for them. This experience-forward approach is simply the most effective way to modernize and grow your business

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