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Quisitive Launches On-Ramp to Azure Subscription Service
February 26, 2020
On-Ramp to Azure: Helping Small, Midsize and Enterprise Organizations Rapidly and Successfully Move to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc. (TSXV: QUIS) today announced the launch of On-Ramp to Azure. A comprehensive, subscription-based service that accelerates a customer’s migration to Microsoft Azure and enables swift optimization once in the cloud. Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure services ensure a company’s cloud foundation is secure and reliable, that their application solutions adhere to prescriptive cloud guidance, that the migration is efficient and predictable and that they have the monthly recurring support and management needed to fuel future innovation.

“For years we’ve focused on successfully moving clients to the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’ve gained deep understanding of what works best when it comes to cloud migrations for organizations of all sizes and complexities,” said Steven Balusek, Quisitive SVP of Client Services. “On-Ramp to Azure is built off that collective experience and offers our customers the best approach to Azure migration determined by their priorities, complexities and criticalities from both a business and technical perspective.”

Understanding the distinct differences IT leaders face depending on their corporate size, Quisitive has launched two versions under their On-Ramp to Azure service that consider the nuances across Small to Midsize and Enterprise IT departments.

The first, On-Ramp to Azure Core, provides Small and Midsize companies a turnkey service that includes a Microsoft-supported cloud assessment, an automated Azure deployment process, monthly optimization of their Azure billing subscription and monthly managed services to support continued workload migration at the customer’s pace. Built on best practices for networking, security, and compliance, On-Ramp to Azure Core’s subscription-based service is ideal for lean IT organizations that need an experienced partner to rapidly and successfully get them to Microsoft Azure and provide continual management as an extension to their team.

The second, On-Ramp to Azure Enterprise, was built off the unique needs facing Enterprise IT leaders and the philosophy that the best approach to Enterprise cloud migration is one that engages, guides and trains the customers at every stage along the way. This partnership-based philosophy is unique to Quisitive and has earned them recognition within the Microsoft ecosystem, most recently being named Microsoft’s US Country Partner of the Year. On-Ramp to Azure Enterprise leverages the same automation tools and subscription services as On-Ramp to Azure Core provides, but embodies that partnership commitment and ensures that once a migration is complete, customers are not simply dropped into the cloud to face a steep learning curve, but instead the Quisitive team makes certain customer teams are trained and ready to operate and innovate immediately.