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Quisitive Featured on TechSpective: The Quest to Become the Perfect Microsoft Partner
September 21, 2018
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Quisitive has been featured in Rob Enderle’s article Quisitive and the Quest to Become the Perfect Microsoft Partner. TechSpective provides unique perspectives on technology and security news to keep readers informed about what they need to know. Rob Enderle is a Principal Analyst and Author, focused on providing an unparalleled look inside breaking technology events to identify the core reasons that buyers and builders of technology should care.

In this article, Rob discusses Quisitive’s relationship with Microsoft Azure, and discusses Quisitive’s goal of acquiring other industry players to bolster capabilities in Azure, “Quisitive’s aggressive acquisition and merger strategy—collect these small players into an incorporated network of distributed solutions providers together… The result should be something that looks a great deal more like IBM Global Services but under the Quisitive brand rather than Microsoft’s.”Rob further examines Quisitive’s non-competitive relationship with Microsoft—noting, “Quisitive’s policy is to not compete with Microsoft at all, acting almost like a division of the company. They don’t hedge, and recognize this means they win or lose with Microsoft… And they employ a significant number of ex-Microsoft employees to make sure they can integrate well with the company.”

To conclude the article, Rob explains why Quisitive is set up for success: “Partnering with any large company really should involve a deep understanding of that firm and a clear idea of what the best level of commitment is… Commitment and exclusivity are important and Quisitive seems to get that. Their focus on cross-pollination with regard to staffing, joint quality control and assurance, and integration through the product creation and maintenance process is, at least on paper, as good or better than many internal services groups.”

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