QuickTricks: Creating a dynamic group membership which includes sub-OU’s | Quisitive

I was recently working with a dynamic group membership situation where we needed to include all of the sub-OU’s within the group. Our approach was to create a dynamic membership which matched based on a wildcard value that would exist because the sub-OU naming includes the top level OU naming. The result was just what we needed so we didn’t need to specify each sub-OU’s membership in the group. I was going to write up the details on this, but I found that someone else had done so (it’s great being a member of a community that shares information like this – way to go!). The following is a subset of his article available a http://00shep.blogspot.com/2012/03/scom-groups-dyanmic-members-ou.html

“Note the highest level OU for which you want to capture all sub-systems

  1. Go to one of the systems in SCOM and view the properties in “Monitoring”. One of the values will be “Organizational Unit” > Copy it
  2. Create your Dynamic Members inclusion rule
  3. Select “Windows Computer” > Add