Shortcuts to Toggle Your Mic in Teams | Quisitive

I love Microsoft Teams and especially love doing meetings in Teams, especially now that meetings launch in their own windows. However, this also encourages me to multitask more often. One quick trick that we can use is to use keyboard shortcuts to toggle your mic in Teams for example, I can use M to toggle my mic, but it only works when the Teams app has focus. You can find out all the keyboard shortcuts by typing /keys into the command bar:

Microsoft Teams Commands[/caption] So…this is great, but how does it help me when Teams doesn’t have the focus. Well, here is another cool keyboard shortcut that you may not have known. If you press and a number (1-0) it will launch or bring into focus the app that is in that position in your Taskbar. Here is an example.

Task Bar in Windows 10[/caption] I have Teams in the first position, Outlook Web Access in the Second, The Microsoft Store in seventh. If I press <Windows Key>1 then Microsoft Teams will be launched, or if it is already running, it will immediately come to the foreground. If I have multiple Microsoft Teams windows running (like a meeting), I can press <Windows Key>1 multiple times to cycle through them.

So, if I am working in another window and Teams is hidden and I need to come off mute, I can press <Windows Key>1 and then <Crtl><Shift>M and now you know how to use keyboard shortcuts to toggle your mic in Teams.