Q&A with Lane Sorgen About Quisitive Business Applications | Quisitive
Q&A with Lane Sorgen About Quisitive Business Applications
August 17, 2021
SVP of Business Applications, Lane Sorgen, shares his perspective on the vision for Quistiive Business Applications in this Q&A.

We sat down with the newest leader at Quisitive, Lane Sorgen, to learn more about the vision for Quisitive’s Global Business Applications organization.

Lane, tell us a bit about Quisitive Business Applications’ focus.

Quisitive was founded in 2016 with a core focus to help SMC and Enterprise customers move to and operate within the Microsoft cloud platform across Azure, 365, and Dynamics. Their expertise in infrastructure, data integration, and custom application development is top-notch, and they lead the Microsoft partner ecosystem with their technical talent and field sales integration.

While those core services continue to be a focus, Quisitive has evolved its mission over the last year to build industry-focused, Microsoft-backed IP to accelerate penetration in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, finance, state and local government, and non-profit. The Business Applications team is focused on leveraging the right mix of IP and subject matter expertise within each of those key industries to initiate engagements with customers. Then, they wrap with the core Quisitive services to secure the Microsoft position and create long-term partnerships with clients across SMB, SMC, and Enterprise.

Today, the Quisitive industry-specific IP portfolio includes MazikCare, MazikCity, MazikThings, and LedgerPay. These are advancing customers’ businesses with solutions built on the Microsoft platform. Accordingly, the Business Applications team has a deep portfolio of industry experts. These are subject matter experts dedicated to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, banking, non-profit, and state and local government that ensure sales plays are aligned to industry trends and opportunities, accompany our sales teams on pursuits, and guide customers to effective technology implementation.

What brought you to Quisitive, and what most excites you about this role? 

Quisitive has long had an outstanding reputation in the Microsoft ecosystem. Their industry-IP and technical acumen, coupled with their best-in-class core services team, creates a novel partner for Microsoft. I know from my experience that Quisitive is a partner that can deliver on the core cloud adoption mission across Azure, M365, and Dynamics and create exceptional value for customers in their priority industries from a Microsoft-first focus. While I was at Microsoft, Quisitive was one of my top partners. I consistently counted on them to deliver on Microsoft’s priorities while attaining exceptional customer satisfaction. Their holistic vision sets them apart and brings an entirely new level of aligned value.

The growth of the Business Applications group is at an inflection point to capitalize on the value brought to Quisitive by the acquisition of Mazik Global this spring and continue to elevate this portion of the business while enhancing synergies between Business Applications and Cloud Services and Applications.

I’m excited to continue this great momentum with an exceptionally talented team.