On-Demand: Quisitive Healthcare Technology Summit | Quisitive
On-Demand: Quisitive Healthcare Technology Summit
Dive into business problems, identify the next steps for solutions, and learn how to overcome internal resistance.


Attend all the topics below or join the webinar at the time noted (ET) for the topics you’re interested in:


System Modernization | Timestamp: 00:00 |  View the Deck

  • How can disparate systems be more efficient?
  • Do you need to modernize?
  • Are you looking for areas of new revenue?

Supply Chain |  Timestamp: 49:12 | View the Deck

  • Where can your systems integrate?
  • Does your security provide the best protection?
  • What do you need to know about credentialing across a state line?

Data Insights | Timestamp: 2:14:00 | View the Deck

  • Are your decisions data-driven?
  • How data from multiple sources provides better business insights
  • Are you predicting outcomes or guesstimating?


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