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Microsoft Teams Channel Calendar
January 13, 2021
See the latest session on Microsoft Teams delivered by Johnny Lopez. In this session, he will go through the new concept of the Channel Calendar.

This session will review the Microsoft Teams Channel Calendar.

J: Hey everyone how you doing welcome to the Rocket Channel this is Johnny Lopez I’m a Microsoft MVP and I wanted to come at you today to talk about this new concept called the channel calendar and teams.

J: So the channel calendar is a way for you to display which meetings that you have for a specific team channel so if you’re working in channels and you schedule meetings through the channel and you want to see what upcoming meetings are in this channel you can do that by adding the calendar.

J: So as you see here we have a couple of scheduled meetings in the channel itself for the sales associate changes, so we have some meetings we have a recurring meeting that happens every Friday at 11:30 a.m so what I want to walk you through is how to um manage that channel or how to add the channel calendar so there’s two ways to do it so you can actually do it through the tabs here and add channel when you when it pulls up and you can add channel calendar so you can add that to your tab here and what it does it will add that channel calendar to this specific channel

J: So all members and can add events to the calendar and view events details except guest guests cannot do anything with this calendar just to let you know that so guests will not have access to this calendar so this is a way for you can access all your events uh in the channel all in one place

J: This is the first way that you can add the channel there is a second way if you go to your apps in the app store here and you can do a channel search or search for the channel calendar and as you can see here you can add it from here the nice thing about when you add it to a team you can actually select which team you want to add it to so when you first click the drop-down uh teams and office 365 already knows that the teams that you have been working on recently because of the office graph so you can easily select the one that you wanted to add into the general channel.

J: If you want to go a step further you can so I’m going to take that out so as you can see here I can add it to the general uh default those different types there are different types of channels I can add it to so if I want to search the name as you can see here I can do that as well so this is a general channel for that specific team or I can do a channel search for the specific channel so associate changes I click on that and now I can set up the tab uh once I set up the tab notice here it actually, you can it allows you to add a name

J: So not just a challenge calendar but I want to say I want to say this is the sales associate calendar I can capitalize that I can post to the channel about this tab and or I can select that and once I click add it setting up the calendar so now that I have a calendar view for this specific channel so this is not a calendar and outlook this is a calendar in teams so what it does it actually can see my recurring meeting here on Friday the 15th when I schedule that so now associates can go in here and schedule meetings whether it’s an ad hoc meeting

J: forget my typing um so I want to add some meetings I can add folks to this I want to add Johanna um he needs to be part of this and adeal right I need to be part of this uh it’s scheduled for today at 12:30 pm for half-hour I can make it repeat if I want notice you’re scheduling this in the actual channel itself so it’s allowing you not allowing you to change it so once I said notice here now the the actual uh meeting shows up in the channel and if I go to the post it should show up here as well so that is a quick overview of the the channel calendar

J: If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me uh share this video like this video and also subscribe to my channel i’ll have more coming out with teams and also with the breakout rooms is my next big thing that I’m going to be doing so thank you much very much for your time

J: Have a good one take care thank you.