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Microsoft Ignite – What am I looking for this week
March 1, 2021
Microsoft Ignite starts with the Keynote by Satya Nadella Tuesday and I look at few sessions that I am looking forward to watching.

Microsoft Ignite kicks off Tuesday March 2nd at 8:30 PST with the keynote by Satya and is followed by two more days jammed packed with content from Microsoft.

Win a Free Surface Pro 7+

Laptop with keyboard and pen
Surface Pro

If you haven’t checked out the contest that Microsoft Mechanics are running, you can win a Surface Pro 7+.  The prize has LTE included and is a $1600 value.  The Surface Pro is a slick 2 in 1 if you haven’t owned one.

I still have my Surface 3 and it still works even though it’s 6 years old now.  I don’t use it too much, but it does work.  So check out that offer and enter to win.

Sessions to Watch Keynote

I always watch the Keynote because it is the overview that sets the tone for the rest of the conference and allows us to see what Microsoft thinks is important.

Sessions to Watch Microsoft Viva

I am looking forward into the deeper explanations about Microsoft Viva.  Most of Viva is stuff that Microsoft had already either delivered or was about to anyway, but now they are selling an Employee Engagement Platform and this will be a great time for Microsoft to explain what they means to them and what they will be selling to their customers.  How partners like Quisitive will fit into that…well, that we will have to wait and see.  I suspect that the Meet Microsoft Viva session might be a good place to start.  I strongly recommend hitting the Microsoft Viva Topics session with Naomi Moneypenny and Christ McNulty.

Web page with highlighted topics and an action card
Viva Topics In Use

Viva Topics is one of the cooler aspect of what Microsoft has done recently by using AI to mine your existing documents and discover key topics in your organization and then allow your team to curate and expand on them.  This, to me, is one of the more revolutionary things that Microsoft has released in a long time and has great potential to assist organizations with knowledge mining.

Sessions to Watch Modern Work

Check out this Table Talk on Modern Work for Everybody for some great tips on how to run effective meetings in the modern work from home age.

I would also recommend this session on what is coming up with Microsoft Teams – Latest Innovations in Microsoft Teams

These are just a few of the plethora of sessions that you can watch this week at Ignite.  Let me know what you think and what you are looking forward to watching.