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Power Apps in healthcare case study - Female Speaker Giving A Talk at a Corporate Business Conference
Managing Communication Endeavors at a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company
Learn how Quisitive helped a healthcare company deploy a new portal to manage and gain insights from communication engagements leveraging Microsoft Power Apps.
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In this case study:

The CEO of a Fortune 50 healthcare company was looking for a way to manage and gain insights from his executive team’s speaking engagements. The executive team at his organization frequently engaged in public speaking, including government hearings, large conferences, and news outlet appearances. Their speeches were constantly scrutinized by investors whose opinions could impact company ratings and stock prices.


The company needed an efficient portal that would organize an approval process for commitments, allow the CEO to have more visibility into his team’s speaking engagements, and show details of each event. Furthermore, the portal needed to demonstrate the influence that different speaking engagements had on the company. With Quisitive’s help, the company established a portal that monitors, manages, and analyzes the team’s speaking engagements, giving the CEO an informed vision of the company’s public impact.

The Challenge

Before working with Quisitive, the company did not have a way to manage executives’ speaking commitments or track their impact. There was no formal documentation or approval process for speaking engagements and critical details were often missed, causing the CEO concern that he had limited visibility into his team’s communication practices. This was risky for the company because public engagements impacted the company’s value, and these were not being monitored. The company partnered with Quisitive to create a portal that would give the communications team a place to add, monitor, and manage the company’s speaking engagements. Additionally, the portal would give the CEO the ability to gain insights and track the effects of public engagements. Quisitive was brought in to digitize this highly complex business process.


After reviewing the initial solution design, expectations, and needs, Quisitive developed a prototype in just four weeks. However, the first design did not allow for the complex navigation and customization the healthcare company desired. Quisitive went back to the drawing board to ensure the solution was customized to fit the company’s exact needs, and a broadbased solution was built using the entire Power Platform, SharePoint Online, and Nintex.

The Results

Despite the initial setback, Quisitive worked with the company to develop a portal with a variety of capabilities. Users could now file requests for speaking engagements, view and review topics and messaging, and have a complete overview of upcoming public events.


Executives could also see who would be in attendance, such as press, government officials, strategists, etc. Furthermore, users could search for insights and analyze the events after they had taken place, ultimately understanding what events had made an impact on the company.


Currently, the portal manages five different communication forms: media, speech and presentations, government meetings, fireside chats, and external endorsements, allowing executives visibility into all public events and the influence they have on the company.

Quisitive's Impact

  • Created a portal to monitor, manage and analyze different forms of communication.
  • Developed a quick and easy approval process for speaking engagements.
  • Created an all-encompassing view of the topics and messaging of the company’s events.
  • Provided executives visibility into their team’s scheduled public events.
  • Improved the ability to analyze event insights and discover the impact of events on the company’s welfare.