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Learn how Quisitive helped Kleinfelder realize business transformation and enabling a mobile workforce.

In this case study:

Client: Kleinfelder

Industry: Professional Services, Engineering Firm

Country: USA

Realizing business transformation and enabling a mobile workforce.

Kleinfelder is a global engineering firm that relies on data to manage their operations and help them serve their clients. With an underutilized intranet, manual processes for field personnel, and no central data repository, Kleinfelder had data spread across many line of business systems and no clear picture of their key metrics.


Quisitive crafted a cloud-based solution to these issues by creating a data warehouse to bring data from the different line of business systems into one central repository. Mobile applications for data capture forms were developed, allowing Kleinfelder’s field personnel to capture and submit data on the go, while comprehensive reporting was made accessible through a cloud-based portal.


With this solution Kleinfelder has undergone a true transformation of their business. Mobility has empowered their field personnel in a way that creates greater productivity and streamlined processes. Cloud-based reporting now unifies multiple data sets, enabling Kleinfelder to report on key business metrics in a way that truly serves the business, providing much improved and valuable insight. Leveraging the cloud has reduced infrastructure expenses, and provided a much-needed flexibility for future growth.