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El Rio Community Health case study
El Rio Health Supply Chain Transformation Drives Better Health Outcomes
Read how Quisitive helped to transform El Rio Community Health System's supply chain to drive better health outcomes for patients.
El Rio Health

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Client: El Rio Community Health System

Industry: Healthcare

Products and Services: MazikCare

Country: USA


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“El Rio Health staff are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable care to our patients. Implementing the MazikCare Procurement solution to improve our procurement and inventory systems helps support this mission by freeing up precious time for the clinical staff to focus on patient care. We have been especially impressed through this implementation with the level of training Mazik Global (now part of Quisitive) has provided for our staff.”
Tim Snowball
Procurement Director for El Rio Health

About El Rio Community Health System

El Rio Community Health System is a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center founded in 1970 in response to President Johnson’s declaration of “War on Poverty.” To meet its founding mission to “improve the health of our community through comprehensive, accessible, affordable, quality, and compassionate care,” the organization has been steadily growing over the last ten years.


Today, El Rio provides vital services for more than 113,000 residents of Tucson, Arizona. El Rio wanted to improve its procurement and inventory management processes to drive long-term financial health and unleash organizational efficiencies.

Customer Challenges

While El Rio already had MS Dynamics in place, their existing ERP platform was unable to fully leverage the platform: it was not providing consumption and inventory insights, did not enable data tracking and KPIs, nor did it allow for workflows that aligned with the FQHC’s approval hierarchy system.


Lastly, El Rio planned to complete an organization-wide migration to the Epic electronic health record by November 2021. The existing ERP did not seamlessly integrate with the EHR, nor did it support the FQHC’s 2021 Supply Chain P2P improvements.

Partner Solutions

Quisitive’s MazikCare’s CareSupply leverages the Microsoft platform to enable data-driven SCM processes that support providers, drive patient satisfaction and create long-term financial health.

  • eProcurement’s Amazon-like marketplace is a user-friendly shopping experience that simplifies ordering and connects with the ERP.
  • PAR Management enables data-driven inventory management, real-time visibility and automated replenishment.
  • Materials Management offers AI-enhanced demand forecasting to manage procurement, track consumption and optimize inventory levels.

Customer Benefits

After partnering with Quisitive Mazik, El Rio strengthened its SCM processes to drive long-term financial health for organizational growth. The FQHC gained visibility into inventory levels to track real-time consumption, customized workflows based on preset approval hierarchies, eliminated inventory, resource, and labor waste to achieve cost savings, and drove business efficiencies, including saving 275 labor hours and 6,000 pieces of paper used for manual POs.

  • Cost savings: With CareSupply, El Rio can track real-time data to glean actionable insights that enable the FQHC to eliminate waste and drive efficiencies, resulting in annual cost savings.
  • Efficiencies: El Rio has created automated PO and inventory workflows. Orders that once took up to two weeks to fulfill can now be completed in hours; new automated approval hierarchies empower leaders.
  • Actionable data: With CareSupply, El Rio can monitor inventory in real-time, set parameters to automate replenishment, and optimize purchasing decisions based on consumption insights.