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Create WMI/WQL Query in ConfigMgr (SCCM) to view products in Add/Remove Programs
December 10, 2009
Here's our expert article on how to create WMI/WQL Query in ConfigMgr (SCCM)

We all know the day comes where the customer/boss asks, “I need to see if this application is showing installed in the Add/Remove Programs”. 

Then you review DCM (Desired Configuration Management) and you ponder and ponder and ponder on how to make this work. Well, below is a way to accomplish this task while verifying two items at the same time. The first item is the name of the product and second item is the version of the product.

Here’s what I did:

First run from a CMD prompt, “wmic path win32_product get name” and export this to a text file to refer back to while your building the DCM CI (Configuration Item).

Next Create a DCM CI and in the Setting tab, Click New, Click WQL Query.

Use the outline below to fill in the blanks to review Adobe Reader 9.1. To modify this, you will need to look at the txt file you ran in the beginning for the WMI Product Name. Match that Product Name where you see “Adobe Reader 9.1”. For the version, it’s best to go to Add/Remove Programs and click on the product, then click on “Click here for support information”.

General Tab
Display Name:
 Adobe Reader 9.1
Description: N/A
Namespace: Root\cimv2
Class: Win32_Product
Property: Version
WQL query Where Clause: Name=’Adobe Reader 9.1′

Validation Tab
Data type:
Details: Create a WQL Query
                   Name: WQLQuery_Adobe Reader 9.1 Version
                   Description: N/A
                   Operator: Equals
                   Value: 9.1.0
                   Severity: Error

Report a non-compliance event when this instance count fails: Checked
Instance count operator: Greater Than
Values: 0
Severity: Error