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Cloud Whisperers Episode 27 – Viva Cloud Whisperers
March 23, 2021
Its Episode 27 Viva Cloud Whisperers and the guys are here to talk about Microsoft Viva and its components.

In Episode 27 – Viva Cloud Whisperers, Brian and I have a great discussion of Microsoft Viva and what it means for different companies. I have already started a blog series on Viva Topics which you can check out for details on how to get started, but for a quick overview of all of them, check out the episode.

We cover:

  • Viva Connections – Aggregate social, news, and other content into a branded interface.  Is this the new Intranet?
  • Viva Learning – Create offerings of learning content for your organization from multiple internal and external sources
  • Viva Insights – See how you are working and use AI to find emails you might have missed and what your work habits are.
  • Viva Topics – Use AI to create a knowledge base inside of your organization with topics that can offer explanations, documents, people, and other topics surfaced throughout M365.

Microsoft delivers this in Microsoft Teams. This aligns with Microsoft’s plan to make Teams the one-stop app for all Information, Knowledge, and Front-Line workers.