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Uninstall .Net Framework 4.6 to Install SharePoint 2013
March 10, 2016
Starting this week, SharePoint 2013 no longer installs as expected.

We’ve got a nice little AWS CloudFormation template that builds out a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise farm, configures everything nicely, then deploys a custom code solution right over the top of that. We’re using public Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in the template and all has been going well.

Then, starting this week, SharePoint 2013 no longer installs as expected and starts failing with a message indicating that .NET 4.5 needs to be installed.


What’s that all about? It turns out that Amazon updated their public AMIs over the weekend with a Windows update that includes 4.6. Automatically updated AMIs are a good thing in most cases, but not in ours…and yes, we should be using our very own AMI to avoid just this issue.

A few minutes of research points me to these two very helpful links:

1. http://geekswithblogs.net/bjackett/archive/2015/07/28/be-careful-installing-.net-4.6–visual-studio-2015-with.aspx

2. http://techibee.com/powershell/powershell-uninstall-windows-hotfixesupdates/1084

I found what that the KB mentioned at the bottom of the first post, KB3045563, did not exist on my AMI. Instead, I had to uninstall KB3102467.

Yet another problem: KB3102467 wasn’t listed as an installed update or anywhere else. I was only able to find it with PowerShell’s Get-Hotfix cmdlet. It’s altogether possible that I overlooked it somewhere.

Anyway, I attempted to run the PowerShell function outlined in that second link, but I kept getting a message about a failing RPC server.


Having learned the hard lesson about copying/pasting from websites and how it usually retains some sort of formatting over the years, I decided to type it all out piece by piece as I needed it for my specific scenario.

Hopefully it works for you, too!