ARE YOU CLEAN Pizza Hotel Flyers | Quisitive

I know this is a little off topic but it is work related, interesting, and good to know. We’ve all seen those pizza flyers that are slid under your door when you’re staying at a hotel right?  I’ve been staying at a hotel in San Antonio for the past two weeks and I’ve seen my share of them.  When I woke up this morning, I saw two in my room.  Each one was from a different place.  Ordering from these places can be risky.  The stories are true of some being a front to steal your credit card info but most commonly, it is poor quality pizza made in someone’s garage or by some fly by night business.  Some places are honest but after researching this more I’ll never order from these places.  I wanted to let others know how unethical these “businesses” are. The first one was from Pizza Sub Shop (original name right?) and the address listed on the flyer was 234 Broadway.  When I Binged that name the address that came back is 240 Broadway.  That’s a red flag when the address on your flyer doesn’t match web results.  The other flyer was from Pizza Express (another stand out name) and they don’t even list an address on their flyer.  Both places have two phone numbers listed on their flyers.  That’s also strange because most businesses have a single phone number unless you’re using cell phones/pre-paid cell phones or are so cheap you just pay for two phone lines with no type of phone system in place.  Another red flag. Knowing that more than likely these are not honest businesses or even a scam I decided to talk to the hotel staff to learn more.  The gentleman from the hotel I spoke with said those people are not allowed to come on the hotel’s property to distribute flyers.  If they do, they could be charged with trespassing but that doesn’t stop them.  I also asked why on both flyers it says “Cell phone required for delivery orders” or “Trouble getting thru! Please use your cell phone”.  The hotel gentleman said since they don’t follow the hotel’s rules the hotel blocks their phone numbers to stop guests from calling and to discourage them from trespassing to distribute their flyers.  NOW THAT MAKES SENSE.  That’s why it says on the flyers to dial from your cell phone.  Because of their repeated unethical behavior the hotels have blacklisted their phone numbers from their system but these “businesses” continue to do what they do. My advice is if a business is trespassing and circumventing what the hotel has in place to discourage these unethical practices I wonder how honest they are with your credit card information and order.  Something to think about the next time you see a pizza flyer under your door. WOW, I just saw on the back of one flyer it says “Now hiring delivery drivers & couponers”.  You too can possibly be charged with criminal trespassing.  Nice.