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Medisys Leverages the MazikCare Platform to Deliver Centralized, Collaborative Healthcare Services and Clinic Management

Client: Medisys Health Group (now TELUS Health)

Industry: Healthcare IT Services

Company Size: 1,000–5,000 employees

Location: Canada

In this Case Study:

  • Quisitive MazikCare
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4

“Before using MazikCare, scheduling appointments, guiding guests through exam stations, and reporting to corporate customers took an exhausting amount of effort and was inconsistent across clinics.”

– Joseph Lo, CEO, Medisys

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Canada-based healthcare provider, Medisys (now TELUS Health), enhances its client experience, automates patient workflows, and gains real-time insights into their businesses with Quisitive MazikCare.

Company Overview

Medisys Health Group (now TELUS Health) is committed to leveraging world-leading technology and a passionate team to revolutionize access to healthcare and drive remarkable health experiences for the people in Canada. A leader in virtual care, tele homecare, e-medical and health records, benefits, and pharmacy management, Medisys gives health authorities, healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers the power to turn information into a healthier future. By leveraging the power of technology to deliver connected solutions and services both in-person and virtually, Medisys is improving access to care and revolutionizing the flow of information while facilitating collaboration, efficiency, and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied healthcare professionals, insurers, employers and people globally, progressing its vision of transforming healthcare and empowering people to live healthier lives.

The Need for Client Record Automation, Centralization and Insights

Business growth at Medisys was being hindered by a mix of traditional, manual recordkeeping systems and processes at its clinics. These limitations drove Medisys to search for a new platform that would enable process and file centralization and automation. Medisys partnered with Quisitive to deploy the MazikCare platform for automated client record and clinic management.


Prior to launching MazikCare, Medisys was experiencing limitations in its legacy business processes that threatened to slow growth, tarnish corporate relationships, and inhibit the delivery of best-in-class patient care. 

Rapid growth and a series of strategic acquisitions had left the organization operating with manual and outdated booking and information systems, which included paper and spreadsheet-based processes, and a variety of outdated healthcare applications.

Gaining insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) that would help the business improve was also time intensive for the organization’s leadership team. 

“We were working hard to overcome the inefficiency of our patient workflow systems,” said Joseph Lo, Chief Executive Officer, Medisys Executive Health Services. “We didn’t have the information we needed to develop deeper personal relationships with our executive guests. We knew that if we were to grow, we needed to get our back office in order, create consistent, efficient patient workflows across all our clinics, and provide real-time data that our corporate clients could use to steer their business.”

Getting Started with MazikCare

Medisys had long used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to record patient interactions and appointment timing. Additionally, it used Microsoft Dynamics AX as its financial management platform. The organization needed a solution that could complement and augment its existing Dynamics infrastructure. After a careful analysis of current and future needs, Medisys officially selected MazikCare due to its native integration with Dynamics and extensive toolset of options to serve the entire business and customer continuum. 

“MazikCare provided an out-of-the-box, fully integrated, end-to-end solution on top of Dynamics AX that addressed the entire patient journey, from appointment scheduling to patient flow through the clinic, electronic medical records, billing, and post-discharge follow-up,” says Michel Bouchard, IT Director, Medisys.

With MazikCare, Medisys was able to create consistent patient workflows across all its clinics nationwide and provide its clients with real-time insight into the health of their businesses. 

The Benefits

Since starting with MazikCare, Medisys has realized significant benefits. By providing greater consistency and efficiency, improved visibility into scheduling, billing, and patient data, and by automating vital tasks, the organization is better equipped to do what they do best — help clients. 

  • Manual entry and processes have been eliminated, shifting staff’s time from administrative tasks to more strategic activities 
  • Teams can review scheduling, billing, and client reports, quickly and from anywhere 
  • Leadership can access real-time accurate data for better planning & decision-making

Significant Time Savings and Enhanced Client Experience

“MazikCare provided an out-of-the-box, fully integrated, end-to-end solution on top of Dynamics AX that addressed the entire patient journey.” 


IT Director, Medisys 

Today, when a prospective guest calls Medisys clinics for an appointment, scheduling agents can book it in less than a minute without the prep work that was previously involved. “Our previous setup was so complex that it took weeks to train a scheduling agent,” explains Bouchard. “They had to familiarize themselves with our various preventive healthcare providers, know which medical specialists served which clinics and pore over those specialists’ schedules to find openings. To our executive guests and corporate clients, appointment scheduling appeared easy, but behind the scenes, it was a lot of work.” 

Once the guest is inside a Medisys clinic, check-in is simple and more personalized because the staff has a detailed visit history and the guest’s complete medical record in the palm of their hands, on a tablet. As a guest steps through the various exam stations, clinicians check them in and out and record results digitally. 

When the visit is complete, Medisys uses MazikCare to automatically generate a personalized detailed results report for the guest and an invoice for their employer while maintaining the highest standards of data security and personal health information privacy protection. 

Medisys physicians can securely access MazikCare from any location or device to enter patient information such as medications and allergies, which is then shared with the patient’s care team. Physicians can even add patient videos and photos to the system in a highly secure, confidential, regulatory-compliant manner. 

“We were delivering a great guest experience before, but through Herculean effort,” Bouchard says. “Our efficiency has skyrocketed with MazikCare, and guests are impressed to see our caregivers using tablets versus paper.”

Improved Service to Corporate Customers

With MazikCare, Medisys also delivers better services to its corporate clients. “With MazikCare, we can provide accurate and detailed billing as well as far more insightful reporting to our corporate clients, enabling them to make more informed strategic decisions about employee health and human capital risk management. MazikCare also helps us to deliver efficient, accurate, and detailed billing and improves the end-user experience,” Lo says. “This technology is a competitive advantage for us.” 

With the detailed performance data Medisys gains about its clinics, it can correlate specific KPIs such as wait times and guest satisfaction rates at various clinics and drive continual improvement at all its clinics nationally. “These insights help us drive improvements across the business,” says Bouchard. 

“Previously, we either did not have this data or it took a large amount of time to assemble it. MazikCare generates this data automatically, enabling us to spend more time with our corporate clients and delivering new value-added services to our executive guests.” 

Medisys has deployed MazikCare on-premises in three clinics and plans to expand and deploy it to its eight core clinics across Canada. 

Ready to get started with MazikCare?

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Quisitive MazikCare is a complete platform purpose-built for the healthcare and life sciences industry. From day 1, MazikCare delivers powerful functionality to help improve patient engagement, automate operations, streamline and unify patient records, optimize the supply chain, enhance clinician and patient satisfaction, improve revenue cycles, and deliver exceptional real-time insights. 

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