Payments Innovation

We took our technical expertise in the cloud and applied it to the archaic payments industry to drive innovation to generate new opportunities for merchants across sectors.

Leveraging the innovation of the cloud

As a Microsoft solutions provider, the Quisitive team is exposed to many business challenges that improved technology could solve. In the case of the financial technology, retail, and payments space, Quisitive identified that legacy payment processing systems were outdated and unable to take advantage of cloud architecture, creating a frustrating and expensive drain for many retailers.

Additionally, it became clear that brick-and-mortar retail merchants are at a disadvantage compared to e-commerce retailers when personalizing customer experiences because of their limited access to detailed customer data. This leaves them to guess when it comes to pricing, promotions, and assortments. While loyalty and coupon programs help, their historically low participation leaves merchants with massive blind spots about their most loyal customers and what they buy.

Redefining modern payments

Thus, we founded our Payments Solutions business and began developing the LedgerPay product suite. Our Payments Services and Products are designed to challenge the status quo of payment processing, transforming payments transactions into a value-add technology.

LedgerPay is the only combined payment processing platform solution leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud to provide unique insights into consumer behavior for brick-and-mortar retailers – insights that historically have only been attainable to online merchants.  It provides retailers with a dramatically more complete and relevant view of customer preferences while simultaneously making payment options more reliable and cost-effective.

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