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Board Enterprise Planning for Retail

Ready to cut your financial planning time by 75% and step into a new generation of decision-making?

Turn consumer spending patterns into smarter merchandise, assortment, and replenishment plans—aligning product strategy to customers’ needs.
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Retail planning that accelerates profitability and drives growth

With supply chains being disrupted, data siloes mounting, and client expectations skyrocketing, agile, enterprise retail planning has never been more critical


Be ready for the next generation of retail planning with Quisitive & Board.


Named Gartner’s Leader in Financial Planning Software in 2023, Board is trusted by leading retailers worldwide. From MFP to markdown, Board helps unify, automate, and optimize planning activities for smarter, faster, and more efficient decision-making.

Turn consumer spending patterns into smarter merchandising, assortment, and inventory planning

Align product strategies with customer needs

Accelerate profitability, competitiveness, and growth

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The Retail Revolution Starts Now

Watch this video to discover the leading retailers that are already planning smarter with Board's enterprise retail planning solutions. 

Benefits of Board for Retail
Merchandise Financial Planning

Seamlessly and accurately connect merchandise financial planning and budgeting.

Assortment Planning

Create a seamless flow from quantitive planning to range planning, accounting for consumer purchase preferences, assortment lifecycle planning, and more.

Allocation Replenishment

Optimize inventory, reduce waste, and avoid unnecessary markdowns -- all while increasing productivity and maximizing margins.

"It's not easy to satisfy all strategic, financial, merchandise, operations, and sales planning needs with just one software solution, yet Board has succeeded."
Merchandise Director
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See Retail Merchandising Financial Planning in Action!

Watch the full demo video to see how Board Enterprise Planning is helping retail organizations like yours take their merchandise financial planning to the next level. 

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Don't know where to start with your Board implementation?
Let us guide you.

Our Board Enterprise Planning Assessment provides a comprehensive two-week engagement where our team will review your existing processes, provide guidance on best practices, and develop a tailored plan designed to meet you unique needs.

Discover the latest retail planning resources and insights.
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Board for Retail - Demo Video Preview Image, Financial charts displayed on screen
Board in Retail Demo
See how you can increase profitability and accelerate digital transformation with Board’s retail planning solutions.
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Driving resilience in retail with Intelligent Planning
Discover how Intelligent Planning can help retailers reset profitability by building resilience in their planning.
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