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Cloud Innovation Workshop

Are you trying to build a digital solution to a business problem, but you aren't sure where to start?

Whether you are re-platforming, building something new, or looking to use technology to improve outcomes, we can help.
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Prioritize initiatives, align stakeholders, and take actionable next steps in just a few hours.
Quisitive’s Cloud Innovation Workshop is a 2–4-hour co-ideation workshop designed to help business decision-makers validate and prioritize business problems to create a path forward.

A trained facilitator follows a set of prescribed activities to understand stakeholders’ pain points, the magnitude of the pain, and then identify how to best prioritize solving those problems. Strategic by nature, the Cloud Innovation Workshop is particularly effective in creating alignment and agreement between stakeholders and departments.
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feature image: a CFO and their finance team sit in conference room reviewing data charts. Leveraging cloud integration and digital transformation in finance allows the team to work smarter.
What do you get out of a Cloud Innovation Workshop?
Executive summary with actionable next steps to start solving problems and driving opportunities
Findings summarizing the decisions you and your team made during the workshop, including a prioritization matrix
An alignment between stakeholders and a clear mission statement
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Who should attend a Cloud Innovation Workshop?

The Modern Workplace Innovation Workshop only works if the right team members participate. Required attendee roles include...

Business Process Owner: Responsible for the outcomes of your unit and understands the core goals and metrics by which success is measured.
Expert Practioner: Understands and is involved in key operations and processes.

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