Header - Software Licensing Agreement Optimization Crayon and Quisitive
Header - Software Licensing Agreement Optimization Crayon and Quisitive

Software Agreement Optimization

Maximize your cloud investment with Quisitive and Crayon’s Software Agreement Optimization.

Companies that engage in mergers and acquisitions should take software agreement optimization into consideration when performing their due diligence. 

The importance of handling software agreement optimization and asset management professionally and efficiently is a key factor that is often underestimated. 

Through our partnership, Quisitive and Crayon have developed the Software Agreement Optimization framework and methodology to assist our clients, enabling them to gain control of their software estate. 

Our service approach is solidly grounded in a comprehensive understanding of our client’s IT estate, with a clear focus to increase the monetized value of their technology investments. 

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Objectives & Benefits

Our Process

Timeline: Phase 1 - Compliance, Phase 2 - Roadmapping, Phase 3 - Strategy, Phase 4 - Negotiation, Phase 5 - Implement


  • Effective License Position: Highlights the customer’s current compliance situation with recommendations for cost savings and avoidance
  • Detailed Software Roadmap: Management report outlining the customer’s technology roadmap and license consequences
  • Scenario Analysis: Compares total cost of ownership for different renewal options over a 3-to-6-year period, including pros and cons for each of the options presented
  • Tactics and Strategies: Tactics and strategies to empower the customer to negotiate from a position of strength
  • Implementation Plan: Highlights the current agreement structure, including benefits, terms & conditions, and limitations