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At Quisitive, we understand that every organization, regardless of industry or vertical needs to maintain a secure environment, on-premises or in the cloud.

Quisitive provides IT security and compliance solutions in addition to helping build, improve and maintain your organization’s secure environment.

FY20 US Top Microsoft Partner 365 Security Partner
Security Solutions Partner
2019 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner Modern Workplace - Security and Compliance

IT Security and Compliance Services:

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Security Assessments

Offering a variety of assessments based on your needs including O365, Azure, GDPR, Active Directory, Exchange, and Teams

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Identity & Access

Implementing multi-factor authentication, single sign-on; protecting administrator accounts; identifying risky user behavior

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Cybersecurity Compliance

Continuously tracking and working to improve compliance goals using our Spyglass dashboard

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Solving your unique security problems: data loss prevention and encryption, mobile device management, endpoint protection, and more

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Coaching & Best Practices

Planning for successful security improvements: custom video and helpdesk content, insights based on organizational risks, advisory services, security education programs

On-premises, cloud, and hybrid security architecture icon
On-prem, Cloud and Hybrid Security Architecture

Creating a roadmap to put your data in the cloud or optimize the security of your on-premises environment

Preview Image: Tale of Two Security Environments

Does IT security have to be complex to be effective?

Organizations are faced with constantly evolving threats, disparate security tools and platforms, fast-changing technology, and a lack of cybersecurity experts when trying to ensure a secure and compliant environment.

Security + Service. Enter Spyglass.

Spyglass is an IT security & compliance service with a dedicated security coach who proactively optimizes your environment. Spyglass aligns security requirements with best-in-class technology, provides expert deployment, and creates centralized dashboards of your entire security landscape.

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