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Greene Tweed Modern Data Platform Case Study Feature Image
Quisitive Builds Modern Data Platform for Greene Tweed
Case Study
Watch Greene Tweed unleash the power of their data with a modern data platform.

When Greene Tweed decided they wanted to take a more holistic approach to their data governance, they looked for a partner who could help them build a modern data platform with advanced analytics capabilities and the ability to scale.

Machine data, enterprise asset data, and corporate data from CRM systems, ERP systems, and more needed to be brought together and correlated appropriately to glean deeper insights for the business.

Watch the full video to learn how Quisitive created a robust, modern data platform at Greene Tweed that has allowed the company to realize its vision of being a truly data-driven organization.

Other topics covered in this video include:

Azure Data & Analytics Platform
Data Governance
AI & Machine Learning
Streamlining multiple data sources
Knowledge Transfer

See more of our work with Greene Tweed in our other video, Greene Tweed Develops and Deploys Smart Factory with QuisitiveWatch Now >

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