Connecting your Mindstorm to a XBOX360 Controller | Quisitive

I found this article on the MSDN site that describes how to connect your Mindstorm to an XBOX controller. How cool!

Two major things stuck out to me after reading this blog:

1. Apparently there is some issue with using a 64 bit system and using the XInputGamepad service. I’m running a 64 bit O/S, so when I try this I’ll follow up on any issues I experience. This blog was written in 2007, so I am hoping support for 64 bit system has been updated. Please feel free to comment to this blog post if you know more about this issue.

2. The kind of controller you need to buy is a wired game controller OR you can use the wireless one but it will require that you buy some sort of hub that plugs into the computer. Here is a link the kind you need to purchase:

I’ll follow up to this blog once I get around to buying an XBOX controller and test this out myself