Blockchain in Healthcare: How IT Can Prepare

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About this webinar

Few industries in the world face more complex IT problems than healthcare.

High security and regulatory compliance obligations coupled with the explosion of data, disparate information systems and disconnected process puts tremendous pressure on IT leadership.

Blockchain is positioned as the next frontier in healthcare, providing the foundation to solve some of these complexities, yet how do you sift through the hype to prepare for the reality?

This webinar provides an in-depth view of the function of blockchain within the healthcare industry and an approach to prioritize the blockchain opportunities that are right for your business.

This webinar covers:

Blockchain Level Set

An accessible introduction to how blockchain technology works and the unique features that make it a great solution for some of the thorniest healthcare problems.

Healthcare Use Cases

Comprehensive overview of the realistic ways to apply blockchain to healthcare scenarios.

Opportunity Preparation

Framework on how to best evaluate and prioritize blockchain opportunities and the implementation factors to consider.

About the presenters:

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