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Driving software success with best-in-class tools and teams.

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In a world that requires an increasingly rapid response, companies are realizing the urgent need to evolve their technological capabilities, from their infrastructure to applications and data practices.

Quisitive Velocity enables predictability and transparency for initiatives that deliver cost-effective, high-quality technological capability advancement.

Leveraging a fixed-fee Sprint model and our Velocity Insights tool, Quisitive provides businesses with technology-empowered agility to respond to ever-changing market demands. 

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At Quisitive, we’re not just familiar with helping companies boost their technology abilities — we know what it takes to envision the art of the possible and make it a reality.  

With deep roots in technology transformation and enablement, we have expertise across the necessary development, data, and infrastructure solutions to help you achieve new goals.

As a company that has transformed and evolved to meet market demands, we understand that in order to get to market faster, teams need the ability to be innovative and friction points need to be removed.

Velocity Program for Application Development

Driving software success with best-in-class tools and teams.

Quisitive Velocity will provide your organization with the right guidance to adopt the architecture and design patterns, with the best practices for development and processes designed to increase the effective output of development teams for product development or longer-term development needs.

The goal is simple: provide an experienced, measurable and effective team to consistently deliver so that organizations can meet their desired goals. Quisitive answers this call through the Velocity Program for Application Development, which is designed to provide the transparency, measurability, and predictability in the development process to help organizations de-risk new product development.

Quisitive Velocity Program

Quisitive achieves this transparency, measurability, and predictability by:

  • Providing a dedicated, experienced Agile team of developers focused on your product and who work directly with the client’s team.
  • Committed and measurable development velocity constantly reviewed and reported
  • A predictable cadence of development and delivery
  • Transparent communications from our team regarding development timelines and processes
  • Cost savings realized through faster development timelines
  • A decreased development timeline provided by our blended offshore and onshore teams that can work around the clock
  • Velocity Insights tooling and defined process that your internal teams can use in the future

Velocity for Application Development Timeline

The Velocity Program is composed of the following three stages: Foundation, Baseline, and Velocity.