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Monitor, analyze, and prioritize .NET, JavaScript or Node JS errors in real-time – all on one dashboard.

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Quisitive’s Velocity Insights allows you to monitor, diagnose, and prioritize errors efficiently with the help of AI and Machine Learning to reduce the time spent on fixing errors without compromising product quality. 

Quisitive Velocity Insights is a software development tool created for anyone who uses .NET, JavaScript, or Node JS in their development stack. By connecting error logs, ticketing data and CI/CD (DevOps) systems, Velocity Insights aims to increase developer productivity and velocity so that users can focus on building the best business-critical apps. 

Quisitive leverages Velocity Insights during our Velocity engagements, from the developer environment through to production, to integrate tickets, deployments, errors and application performance to provide a comprehensive view of the development project. 

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Software Development Product Overview 

  • Monitor, analyze, and prioritize .NET, JavaScript or Node JS errors in real-time on one dashboard. 
  • Detect errors early leveraging AI to identify which errors you should resolve first. 
  • Reduce time and resources and save hours per week per developer analyzing root causes. 
  • Get insights into each developer’s capabilities and allocate team resources more strategically. 
  • Detect personal identifiable information (names, emails, password, SIN) and infrastructure secrets (connection strings to common Azure resources) leaking into logs and get alerts sent to your team