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Just because we can’t get together in person doesn’t mean we can’t be social! If you are me you have a group that you get together regularly to socialize with. For introverts like ourselves, a lack of outside socialization isn’t a big deal but for someone who is even somewhat extroverted this Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation could really mess with the social calendar. This blog post designed to provide virtual event equivalents of in-person things we used to do while we are living through quarantine.

What is a virtual event night or a virtual game night? Normally our group would get together and play board games or sit down together to watch a movie or an event. In a virtual event night, we take an event that we would normally do in-person and find an equivalent we can do virtually. In a virtual game night, we take a game which we would normally do in-person and find an equivalent we can do virtually.

What are some examples of a virtual event night?

What’s an example of virtual game night?

What do you need to host a virtual event or virtual game night?

Here is what you need to put together an event like this:

Here’s what it looks like in my environment while hosting a JackBox game. The laptop at the bottom is used to provide a camera that lets the rest of the people attending see the crew at our house (running Skype with one account). The laptop above that is connected to the TV and is also running Skype (with a different account) and it is sharing the desktop for the system which is currently running the game.

Virtual Game Night

What do you need to attend a virtual event or virtual game night?

Here is what each attendee of a game night like this need:

Here is what each attendee of an event night like this need:

What’s helpful to have?

How do these events work?

Schedule a meeting

You start by scheduling a meeting for all of your friends during the timeframe that the event will occur. This should be done in advance so everyone knows when the event will occur and can use everyone’s existing email. If you have Teams or Skype you can schedule these directly with all of your friends including the video sharing. If not, you can include a link to a method of video sharing such as Discord or zoom.

Start the meeting early

Especially for the first time to get together virtually, plan at least a half an hour to an hour early to help to work everyone through the technology required. Cell phones/texting is a great method to get the initial communication in place. Many people aren’t used to this type of technology yet, so there may be a bit of a steep learning curve.

Tips and Tricks

Who is the meeting host?

From my experiences, the most technical person in your group should be the virtual event host. The host is responsible for setting up the most equipment and facilitating any issues which are occurring for the various people who are connecting remotely.

Events and audio feedback

You know that horrible screeching sound when something’s configured wrong on a conference call? We ran into this when running a virtual game. We had laptop #1 on the Skype call, and laptop #2 hooked up to a TV, running Skype and also doing the desktop share of the game. We got horrible feedback as we had two laptops both on Skype in the same room with audio on. We didn’t want to turn the audio off on either (laptop #1 is how we were communicating, laptop #2 was the audio for the game which everyone needed to hear). To address this, on laptop #2 we opened the volume mixer and turned off the volume on the “Skype” option. You find this by right-clicking on the sound icon on the taskbar.

Configuring sounds

To eliminate the feedback, we turned the Skype audio off as shown in the graphic below.

Setting sound

Summary: I hope that this blog post has shown you that via technology we don’t have to stop being social! We just need to adapt our approaches to socialization to use technology to make this happen. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.