Desk Reservation System using Power Apps, Power BI & Microsoft Visio | Quisitive

In this video, I showcase my Desk Reservation System built using multiple Microsoft 365 services – PowerApps, Power BI, Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Dataverse. The solution leverages a Power BI report which has visualizations showcasing information of desks booked by the users. Microsoft Visio Visual in Power BI has a diagram of the office space, which allows users to select a specific desk to reserve. Upon selection of a desk to reserve, the PowerApps Visual in Power BI allows the user to book a desk for a specific date. Users can also see all their upcoming desk reservations inside the Power App.

The solution can be leveraged in many scenarios – Social Distancing for reserving desks, store appointment bookings, Inventory Management, Reserving conference rooms and more.

In this video you’ll learn about:

✅ Microsoft Visio Visual in Power BI

✅ Power Apps Visual in Power BI

✅ Power BI connect to a data source.

✅ Integration of Microsoft Visio, Power Apps & Power BI