Modern Data Culture Learning Channel | Quisitive

Quisitive recently hosted the Modern Data Culture Summit. This virtual event spanned two days and helped participants gain an understanding of what a Modern Data Culture is, and how to effectively adopt it within their organizations. With businesses having more data than ever, learning how to use data efficiently has become a crucial step to keeping organizations at the top of their game.

Microsoft’s Erwin Visser, Sr., Director Partner Strategy and Capacity, kicked off day one of the Summit as the Keynote Speaker. The presentations that followed outlined a framework for building a data culture, including sessions on measuring data maturity, citizen data developers, and data protection.

Day two of the summit featured ten unique sessions across two attendee tracks, one for business executives and one for those in technical roles. Topics included using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning methods to unlock business value from unstructured data, designing meaningful business metrics, using Machine Learning Ops to consistently deliver value, how to keep data projects from failing, and much more.

The recordings of the Keynote event and the following 16 sessions are now live on the Quisitive Modern Data Culture Learning Channel. Each session is a quick 45-minute opportunity for you to gain insights into what data can do and how it can transform your business. As an added bonus, if you complete just six sessions, you earn a Data Culture Champion badge-perfect for your LinkedIn page or resume.

Sessions include:

Watch Erwin Visser’s Turning Dreams Into Digital Business opening session HERE.

For complete access to all these sessions and more, register for the Modern Data Culture Learning Channel HERE.