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​ What is the Buzz all about? If you are looking for a job or perhaps looking for a new career path there is a lot of Buzz about…. … project management skills and certifications. As you look through the thousands of jobs on the various job boards, company websites, and professional networking sites, there is a common theme in an increasing percentage of job postings. Companies are looking for applicants with project management skills and preferably candidates that have a PMP certification. You may ask, ‘what is a PMP certification and why is it so important?’ PMP is the abbreviation for Project Management Professional (PMP) which is a rigorous certification governed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is one of the most recognized and credited certifications globally. Project management is considered one of the top demanded skill sets expected by organizations worldwide. The skill set has become an expectation for mid – level jobs all the way to executive level jobs and many organizations have made PMP certification mandatory for certain positions. Many companies are demanding certified project managers because they understand the importance of strong project management discipline in delivering successful projects which increases their bottom line and profitability. Many believe there is a qualitative difference overall between a pool of certified and non-certified candidates for a position. The PMI’s 2008 Pulse of the Profession research found “that having project managers without PMP certification results in a lower percent of projects coming in on time and on budget—especially when less than 10 percent of the project managers in the company are PMPs. Organizations with less than 10 percent of project managers who are PMPs are also much less likely to indicate an increase in projects successfully meeting the goals and business intent.” In a 2006 survey, PWC found that “higher-performing projects are significantly more likely to be staffed with certified project managers and 80 percent of projects classified as high-performing use, a certified project manager.” Now that you know what the Buzz is all about, follow my next article titled: “ So You Want to Become a PMP?? ”.

11/10/2010 We have a sales person at Catapult and her name is Daniel.  She has an accent over the e in her name.  Frankly I’m too lazy to go through the work to accent it so I just type is as Daniel.  I was playing with my Windows Phone and held down one of the letters accidentally rather than tap it.  Well I’ll be damned, a list of accented vowels came up.  Now when I’m typing on my Windows Phone I guess I don’t have an excuse to accent her e.  Now I just have to remember what way it goes.  ` or ‘ Like I said before the Windows Phone Marketplace is new and I don’t see an application yet to do screen captures so I used a digital camera.

A new feature in Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) Beta gives the FEP Administrators to limit the amount of processor usage during scans.  This setting can be disabled allowing FEP to use whatever it needs or you can set a limit.

I know this is a little off topic but it is work related, interesting, and good to know. We’ve all seen those pizza flyers that are slid under your door when you’re staying at a hotel right?  I’ve been staying at a hotel in San Antonio for the past two weeks and I’ve seen my share of them.  When I woke up this morning, I saw two in my room.  Each one was from a different place.  Ordering from these places can be risky.  The stories are true of some being a front to steal your credit card info but most commonly, it is poor quality pizza made in someone’s garage or by some fly by night business.  Some places are honest but after researching this more I’ll never order from these places.  I wanted to let others know how unethical these “businesses” are. The first one was from Pizza Sub Shop (original name right?) and the address listed on the flyer was 234 Broadway.  When I Binged that name the address that came back is 240 Broadway.  That’s a red flag when the address on your flyer doesn’t match web results.  The other flyer was from Pizza Express (another stand out name) and they don’t even list an address on their flyer.  Both places have two phone numbers listed on their flyers.  That’s also strange because most businesses have a single phone number unless you’re using cell phones/pre-paid cell phones or are so cheap you just pay for two phone lines with no type of phone system in place.  Another red flag. Knowing that more than likely these are not honest businesses or even a scam I decided to talk to the hotel staff to learn more.  The gentleman from the hotel I spoke with said those people are not allowed to come on the hotel’s property to distribute flyers.  If they do, they could be charged with trespassing but that doesn’t stop them.  I also asked why on both flyers it says “Cell phone required for delivery orders” or “Trouble getting thru! Please use your cell phone”.  The hotel gentleman said since they don’t follow the hotel’s rules the hotel blocks their phone numbers to stop guests from calling and to discourage them from trespassing to distribute their flyers.  NOW THAT MAKES SENSE.  That’s why it says on the flyers to dial from your cell phone.  Because of their repeated unethical behavior the hotels have blacklisted their phone numbers from their system but these “businesses” continue to do what they do. My advice is if a business is trespassing and circumventing what the hotel has in place to discourage these unethical practices I wonder how honest they are with your credit card information and order.  Something to think about the next time you see a pizza flyer under your door. WOW, I just saw on the back of one flyer it says “Now hiring delivery drivers & couponers”.  You too can possibly be charged with criminal trespassing.  Nice.