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Payment Solutions

Quisitive is harnessing the incredible power of the cloud to bring value back to the archaic payment processing industry and create a new source of customer engagement – it’s part of our commitment to generate transformational impact with immense value for our customers.
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Redefining modern payments processing with the cloud and Payments Intelligence™️
Keeping customers happy is as difficult as ever. Customers expect seamless, speedy, and secure payment experiences. On top of this, merchants are looking for new ways to boost revenue in tough economic times. Yet most payment platforms remain built on dated technology that fails to live up to these demands.

Fortunately, the future of payments is here — and it’s shaking up the industry. Quisitive is the first to offer a comprehensive range of integrated payments solutions. Our cloud-based solutions empower merchants and delight customers, while reducing overhead costs.
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Payment Services

Quisitive provides robust, cost-effective and secure payment processing supported by the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Payments Products

Learn how our payments products leverage the cloud to transform brick-and-mortar businesses. 

PayIQ: A new dimension in payments

PayiQ, a division of Quisitive Technology Solutions, is a cloud-enabled payment and order processing platform that delivers a full suite of acquiring and processing services with unmatched speed, security, and access to merchant and consumer data.

“Our Payments Solutions business is a prime example of our Quisitive team actualizing our mission: delivering immense value to customers and employing the cloud for massive business transformation.”
Mike Reinhart
Quisitive CEO

Quisitive is a Microsoft trusted partner.

Raise your game with cloud payment processing
Cloud-based payments are the future. Our pioneering solutions, PayiQ and Payments Intelligence®, are breaking ground and empowering merchants across industries. Fill out this form to get started on your journey with Quisitive and our next-generation payment processing platform.

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