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Embark on your AI journey with an AI Envision Workshop

Quisitive’s AI Envision Workshop serves as a crucial starting
point for organizations beginning their AI journey.

By combining education, use case exploration, and hands-on, live action prototyping, this workshop lays the groundwork for successful AI adoption.
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Turn theoretical concepts into practical solutions with Quisitive's

AI Envision Workshop.

The AI Envision Workshop will help empower your organization to navigate the complex AI landscape.


Whether you’re at the exploratory stage or ready to deploy, Quisitive will provide the guidance and tools needed to unlock AI’s transformative potential.


In this workshop, your organization will receive...

A strategic plan outlining our AI journey, including key milestones, resources, and timelines.

A detailed deployment plan for implementing AI initiatives within your organization.

Let Quisitive be your guide as you embark on your AI journey.

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Benefits of an AI Solution Accelerator with Quisitive
Informed Decision Making

Decisionmakers become well-versed in AI concepts, risks, and opportunities helping them make informed choices about AI investments.

Strategic Clarity and Direction

You will gain a clear roadmap for your AI initiatives. This strategic plan outlines milestones, resource allocation, and timelines, ensuring alignment with business goals.

Use Case Identification and Prototyping

This approach will ensure that AI aligns with your real-world business needs.

Tailored Solutions

You will explore AI possibilities within your unique context and challenges.

Jump Start Deployment Efforts

Provides the foundation for successful AI adoption. You leave with a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

AI Envision Workshop: A Team of professionals sit around a table during a workshop session
What's included with Quisitive's AI Envision Workshop?
Prompt School: Participants gain insights into AI concepts, terminology, and best practices.
Education sessions: Experts deep dive into AI technologies, use cases, and industry trends.
Use Case Identification and Live Action Prototyping: Collaboratively explore real-world scenarios using your own data sets.
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Quisitive is a premier, global Microsoft Partner that harnesses the Microsoft cloud platform and complementary technologies, including custom solutions and first-party offerings, to generate transformational impact for enterprise customers. Quisitive has consistently been recognized as a leading Microsoft Partner with 17 Specializations and all 6 Solution Partner Designations. Quisitive’s Microsoft awards include the 2023 US Partner of the Year Winner for Health and Life Sciences, 2023 US Partner of the Year Winner for Solutions Assessment and 2023 US Partner of the Year Finalist for the Industrial and Manufacturing vertical.