Blockchain Solution Development

A commonsense approach to enterprise blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to solve business problems more effectively than ever before. Yet it can be difficult to sift through the market hype to determine which scenarios are best suited to a blockchain solution. Quisitive helps you cut through the noise with a commonsense approach that creates near-term value as you prioritize the blockchain opportunities that are right for your business.

Any business use case that involves multiple parties needing a common view of the truth that cannot be disputed or altered is perfect for blockchain solution development. We leverage the latest innovations from Microsoft to capture the strategic advantages that enterprise blockchain enables, including reducing costs and increasing both information transparency and trust between parties. Quisitive’s proprietary process offers our clients the ability to identify and prioritize blockchain opportunities, prove their value and develop them in timely fashion to ensure full business value is realized.

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Blockchain Market Opportunity


Startup Investment
Amount, in billions, of startup investment in blockchain based projects from 5/2015 – 5/2017


Investment Intent

Of financial services executives say that their organization will make significant investments in the technology over the next 3 years (2017 PwC Digital IQ Survey)


Five star ratings

Steep uptick (double) in blockchain patents and applications from 2016-2017


Est CAGR by 2021

Amount the blockchain market is predicted to grow