On-Demand Webinar: On-Ramp to Application Modernization for Retail

January 26, 2022 | 11 AM – 12 PM CT

When speaking with our customers in the retail space, we’ve heard that many have made the decision to begin modernizing their applications. Often, this decision was made in support of a few key goals, including…

  • Building flexible and resilient supply chains
  • Reducing labor needs with automation
  • Giving customers a great experience across all channels

In this webinar, we’ll discuss current industry drivers in retail and how Quisitive’s ORTAM program, a systematic, iterative approach led by application modernization & migration experts enables organizations to kickstart innovation. 


  • Industry Drivers in Manufacturing for Application Modernization 
  • Application Modernization 
    • Identify Applications & Dependencies 
    • Expand to Evaluate the Environment 
    • Define Modernization Waves 
    • Modernize the Applications 


Rob Carek, Project Executive, Director Global Solution Development at Quisitive

Microsoft Gold Partner: healthcare Partner of the year 2021, Community Impact Finalist Partner of the Year

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