On-Demand: The Next Frontier in Promoting Thriving Workplaces

Wednesday, July 12th | 1PM ET

HR EmPerfom event feature image: presented by and Quisitive's emPerform team We’ve teamed up with and Dr. Aleen Bayard to deliver this webinar, Belonging: The Next Frontier in Promoting Thriving Workplaces. Join us for this knowledge-packed virtual session on the benefits of belonging in organizations. Attendees will explore engagement vs. belonging, learn practical ideas, and discuss HR research opportunities. Investing in strategies that promote belonging is crucial for organizational success in the evolving workplace.

What you will learn:

  • Differences between engagement and belonging
  • How belonging can foster high-performing teams
  • Practical ideas on how to foster belonging in your organization
  • Opportunities for further research in the HR field

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