quisitive datalink

Linking data to a modern cloud to accelerate value.

Today, data is at the heart of every successful business. From finance to marketing to customer service, data is the foundation upon which profit and predictability are created.Yet many businesses struggle with managing and/or accessing their data, largely in part because it is not stored or organized in a way that can support the business.

Moving data to the cloud provides a ready solution to this issue – data can be easily stored, organized, managed and modeled in a way that resolves business challenges and facilitates real-time decision making. However, the migration path to the cloud isn’t always clear or easy. Legacy systems, multiple data sources, security and governance all present their own set of issues, keeping businesses mired in chaos with ineffective business processes and an inability to leverage data to drive the business.

Quisitive’s Datalink puts an end to this constant cycle of data churn by providing an accelerated way to consolidate and present vital information in a consumable and easily accessible way. It quickly moves dynamic and archive data to the cloud where it is captured and pooled, and then rendered through dashboards tailored to the needs of the business. Information becomes readily available, creating a manageable structure from chaos.

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