Case Studies

Dillon Gage

Harnessing the power of the cloud to empower global expansion.

Founded in 1976, Dillon Gage is one of the largest precious metals dealers in the U.S. Planning to expand globally, they quickly realized their outdated IT infrastructure couldn’t support the need to set up servers around the world. Dillon Gage partnered with Quisitive to craft a solution that would provide the uptime and expansion capacity they needed, but in a cost-effective way.

Looking at the issue from all perspectives, it was quickly realized that it would take a significant financial investment to update Dillon Gage’s aging datacenters. Instead, the cloud offered a cost-effective and flexible solution. Quisitive designed a cloud strategy based on Microsoft Azure, helping Dillon Gage determine which business-critical applications to move to the cloud, and the right blend of Azure services and deployment models to use.

With its applications running in Azure, Dillon Gage now has a highly available and flexible infrastructure that is easy to extend globally. By using Microsoft Azure, the company avoided spending $1 million dollars to build new primary and backup datacenters and reduced its IT spend by 40%. Also, Dillon Gage employees now have access to the latest software without the IT staff needing to constantly deploy and maintain it.