Payments Services

Quisitive provides robust, cost-effective, and secure payment processing supported by the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Merchant Services

The payments industry’s failure to innovate has fallen on the shoulders of brick-and-mortar merchants who are at a disadvantage compared to e-commerce competitors because their payment processors leave valuable consumer insights on the floor. Quisitive’s Merchant Services brings value back to payment processing with cost-effective processing that gives merchants invaluable access to customer data.

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ISO Services

Quisitive provides ISOs premium management tools that lower overhead and boost profits while providing flexible pricing and automation. Built on the cloud, our payment services have all the features a modern ISO needs while keeping costs low.

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Our services feature:

  • Automatic agent residual computation and payment

  • Automated rule-based merchant risk management

  • Automated merchant reserve account management

  • Automatic chargeback management

  • Simple, flexible pricing

  • Late next-day funding cutoff

  • Robust ISO dashboard