Cloud Innovation

At Quisitive, we are committed to delivering valuable assessments, fostering collaboration, and guiding your organization through your technical landscape. In partnership with Microsoft, we help maximize the business value your organization needs to thrive.

To help your organization achieve true digital transformation as you move workloads, build net new capabilities, and leverage analytical benefits in the cloud, we have developed tried, tested and trusted methodologies.

Quisitive On-Ramp

Our On-Ramp approach rapidly helps organizations reach their cloud migration goals, regardless of environment size or complexity.

  • On-Ramp to Azure Migration

    Move workloads to the cloud, build net new capabilities within the cloud fabric, and take advantage of Azure cloud benefits.

  • On-Ramp to Azure Data

    Use this prescriptive approach with step-by-step guidance to gain the data and analytics resources your organization needs.

  • On-Ramp to Application Modernization

    Create new opportunities in the market with cloud-based, modernized applications.

  • On-Ramp to Azure Applications

    Migrate aging systems and legacy web applications to take full advantage of the Azure cloud.

  • On-Ramp to Dynamics 365

    Harness the power of a cloud-driven business management solution that will empower your teams to get work done from anywhere.

  • On-Ramp to Azure Virtual Desktop

    VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) isn’t new, but with AVD, you can now tap into the security, reliability and scalability of the Azure cloud.

  • On-Ramp to Microsoft 365

    No matter your starting point, our team of experts can provide the migration, development and change management services required to move to M365.

  • Azure Cloud Assessment

    Assess cloud readiness, evaluate best paths for your application environment, and build a clear roadmap and ROI view for an Azure migration.

  • On-Ramp for Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures

    Effectively minimize business disruption during your merger, acquisition, or divestiture through expert technical and strategic guidance.


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High Gear

Quisitive High Gear

Our High Gear services provide the support, expertise and capabilities necessary to accelerate cloud innovation and deliver value and impact against your business objectives.

  • High Gear for Microsoft Teams

    Collaborate and achieve more with Microsoft Teams.

  • High Gear for Azure DevOps

    Plan smarter and deliver faster with modern development principles.

  • High Gear for Power Platform

    Analyze data, build solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents with Microsoft Power Platform.

  • High Gear for Data and Analytics

    Innovate faster with the tools and technologies of the Azure Data Platform.

  • High Gear for Application Innovation

    Design an Azure cloud native application with expert guidance in just one week.

  • High Gear for GitHub

    Maximize developer velocity and drive business agility with GitHub Enterprise.


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Velocity Icon

Quisitive Velocity

Our Velocity program enables predictability and transparency for initiatives that deliver cost-effective, high-quality technological capability advancement, providing businesses with technology-empowered agility to respond to ever-changing market demands.

  • Velocity for Application Development

    Provides transparency, measurability, and predictability in the development process to de-risk new product development.

  • Velocity Insights Tool

    Quisitive leverages this software product during our Velocity engagements, from the developer environment through to production, to integrate tickets, deployments, errors and application performance to provide a comprehensive view of the project.

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