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No matter your starting point, Quisitive’s team of experts can provide the migration, development and change management services required to harness the power of Microsoft 365.

Power and Versatility at Your Fingertips.

The robust toolset within Microsoft 365 provides organizations a secure, collaborative environment that gives employees the ability to work anytime and anywhere.

Quisitive leverages a precise migration planning structure to streamline your migration to M365. No matter what platform you are coming from, Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Microsoft 365 (M365) provides your organization with certainty to upfront cost, greater business agility, enhanced organizational communications, boosted employee, productivity and streamlines IT operations.

Once implementation is completed, Quisitive provides organizational training on the key features while implementing change management best practices to ensure strong employee adoption and optimized utilization of the M365 platform.

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Get Started with Quisitive's Modern Workplace Assessment

To determine the best route to Microsoft 365 for your organization, we begin with an assessment.

Our On-Ramp to M365 Modern Workplace Assessment is designed to comprehensively assess whether a move to Microsoft 365 makes sense for your business and layout a powerful plan for a smooth migration. The assessment provides organizations with cost estimations to run in M365, highlights potential environment remediation issues, and outlines a roadmap of what a migration would consist of from preparation to implementation, then ongoing support. Deliverables include…

Technical Prerequisites

Gain visibility into your organization’s email requirements, file share usage, onpremise SharePoint installations, and Office/Windows installation footprint. 

Use Cases

Detailed insight into your current shared data landscape and analysis on data and content usage, this insight feeds into defined group collaboration use-cases. 

M365 Optimization

Through a series of workshops combined with our inventory analysis, we evaluate what the organization has versus what is needed to take advantage of the robust capabilities within M365. 

M365 Roadmap

Phased migration roadmap that includes cost estimates associated with migrating to Microsoft 365 and licensing costs to run your business in M365. 

Looking for help with a Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration?

As a top tier Microsoft partner with extensive experience in Microsoft 365, Quisitive has the expertise to plan, manage, and implement your tenant to tenant migration, taking into account identity management, workload migration, and change management.

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