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On-Ramp to Azure SQL

Migrate data workloads from Oracle to Azure SQL, a fully managed, secure and intelligent SQL database service that provides flexible options for application migration, modernization and development.  

There is no better time to migrate your Oracle workloads to Azure SQL and realize the breadth of benefits and capabilities that the cloud offers 

Migrating Oracle workloads to Azure SQL can provide many benefits for enterprise organizations such as:

Cost Optimization: Reduced licensing and infrastructure costs  

Improved Performance: Intelligent and scalable database features 

Latest Technology: Continual support for new features with an eye on modernization and automation to support your business goals 

Through our years of experience migrating customers to the cloud, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what is necessary to deliver successful cloud migrations in environments of all sizes and complexities. We’ve been in the trenches, and we’ve earned the battle scars. 

Using proven cloud adoption methodologies, tools, resources, and best practices, Quisitive’s data platform migration experts enable customers to simplify and accelerate their move to Azure SQL using our prescriptive approach 

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Quistive’s Data Migration Approach

Step 1:

Assessment & Planning: Architecture design session to identify and inventory assets

Step 2:

Provision Azure SQL environment and database evaluation compatibility

Step 3:

Data migration of candidate Oracle databases and sync

Step 4:

Application functionality testing and modification

Step 5:

Migration of remaining Oracle databases to Azure SQL

Step 6:

Repurpose or retire Oracle licenses

Once your migration is complete, you can take advantage of Quisitive’s Cloud Solution Provider and Managed Service offerings to ensure your environment stays in an optimal state while you reap the benefits of reduced expenses, improved efficiencies and productivity, along with a higher level of control and superior support.  

Quisitive is a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner with deep roots in enabling businesses to harness the power of Microsoft’s vast set of technologies. By working with Quisitive, you’ll always have access to and experience the benefits of a direct line to Microsoft.  

Ready for the next step?

Quisitive Managed Data Services continues your data journey in a predictable, monthly subscription model. Through continuous use case execution, MDS provides rapid business value by following the same methodology and approach laid out in the first 30 days. Additionally, your managed data services subscription includes the operational support needed to run, monitor, and manage your services within Azure Data Platform, giving you peace of mind knowing the day-to-day details are taken care of.

Learn more about Quisitive’s Managed Data Services.

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