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On-Ramp to Azure is a partnership-based approach that ensures we help organizations reach their cloud goals regardless of environment size or complexities.

Migrate to Azure for a Monthly Fee

Migrations to Azure can be prohibitive based on varying factors such as cost, and management and support resources. At Quisitive, we take a prescriptive approach that bundles the foundation, migration, and managed services into a monthly subscription to get you into the cloud faster in a way that fits your organizational structure. Quisitive removes the steep learning curve of migration complexities and establishes a best-practices Azure landing zone to enable your team to leverage the benefits of Azure quicker.

Our managed services allow you to sustainably operate and grow your business in the cloud. In fact, at Quistive, we always work as an extension of your team, just as we are an extension of Microsoft's team. We are uniquely 100% Microsoft-focused, and have been named Microsoft's Partner of the Year.

Our proven, partnership-based On-Ramp to Azure Core is a frictionless approach to Azure Migration. The Quisitive team will assess your environment, lay out a plan, and migrate and manage your environment.

What is Included in the Monthly Subscription

Planning + Infrastructure Support

  • Landing Zone Definition
  • Migration Planning of up to 25 VMs
  • Patch Management
  • Availability utilization of up to 25 VMs with the ability to add additional
  • Production Environment Support
  • VM Start/Stop Automation

Subscription Management and Support

  • Azure subscription provisioning
  • Automated monthly billing
  • Online consumption reports
  • Quarterly consumption and forecasting review
  • Quarterly optimization recommendations
  • 24x7 web support
  • Help desk ticketing included in monthly fee with the ability to add additional hours
  • Azure service guidance consulting services

Want to learn how Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure can remove the friction to migration with a monthly subscription approach? contact us.

Why choose Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure?

Migrations performed without On-Ramp approach
  • Dragging timeline
  • Unexpected costs
  • Lack of consistency and predictability
  • No knowledge base for the client’s team
Migration with Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure
  • Accelerated timeline
  • Predictable costs
  • Consistency
  • Suggested training for client’s IT department to hit the ground running once in the cloud
  • Managed services to provide support within the cloud so clients without trained teams can have continued success with Azure

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