Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Your sales team is at the heart of your business, and it’s essential that they have the tools they need to succeed in pre-sales, closing, and long-term relationship building. With the right solutions in place, you can boost your sales, drive revenue, and help your team meet their goals. ​

  • Find and nurture more sales-ready leads using multi-channel campaigns and personalized lead nurturing. ​
  • Align sales and marketing together with one source of shared information, connected processes, and collaboration tools. ​
  • Make smarter decisions using concise dashboards and reporting.​
Ready to get started with a CRM solution for your sales team?​
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing

Get your teams working in lockstep on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing platform. Never lose track of a prospect and watch pipeline turn into wins.

​Align sales and marketing

  • Create a single customer view with Dynamics 365 for Sales to unify data across contacts, leads, and customers.​
  • Identify, target, and close top accounts with personalized content and nurture activities.​
  • Track and prioritize leads across all touchpoints with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades.​
  • Increase sales efficiency with marketing automation features, generating pre-made workflows to hand off sales-ready leads and drive follow-ups.​
  • Boost productivity and simplify collaboration by using familiar Office 365 tools.​

​Create and nurture leads

  • Attract the right prospects by running targeted, multi-channel campaigns​
  • Create campaign assets quickly using configurable templates, reusable content blocks, and design tools. Easily integrate with third-party content management systems.​
  • Create buyers’ journeys based on LinkedIn content and interactions and automatically sync and nurture leads.​
  • Simplify event management with an attendee-facing web portal and capabilities to manage registrations, sessions, speakers, and venue logistics—including integration with ON24 and other webinar providers.​