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Microsoft Flex Support Services

Quisitive's Flex Support Services are designed to meet the needs of organizations seeking reliable and comprehensive support for their critical Microsoft systems.

With Microsoft Flex IT Support Services, our team provides routine support and efficient management across all three Microsoft clouds, including Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.
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Predictable spend for your unpredictable needs

87% of companies worldwide recognize that they currently face or will soon encounter a significant skills gap within their workforce. 


Whether you require assistance with migration, deployment, configuration, or ongoing maintenance, our experienced professionals are here to help bridge the gap.


Our Flex Support Services are a flexible option that allows you to tap into our team's expertise through monthly subscription hours.

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Downtime costs $5,600 per minute on average (Gartner, 2014)

Pave the way to innovation with Microsoft Flex Support Services
Quisitive is committed to providing quality managed IT services that help organizations reach new heights.

With a focus on your business goals, Quisitive's team of experts will help you pave the way to innovation with technology optimizations built for the future.
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  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and response times
  • On-demand access to 100+ Subject Matter Experts
  • 24x7 emergency response for business-critical incidents
  • Collaborative planning, regular feedback cycles and consistent updates with customer experience leader (CXL)
  • Continuity in delivery team provides consistent personal service and reporting
  • See results quickly thanks to an experienced team and a defined service process
Explore the different areas of your technology stack that we support with Microsoft Flex Support Services
Security & Compliance
Artificial Intelligence
Data & Analytics
Digital Workplace
Business Applications
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Need more support?
Explore our Managed Services programs, where we go beyond the standard support model to provide monthly business reviews and dedicated coaches to ensure you're executing against larger business goals and strategies.
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