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LedgerPay is disrupting the status quo of payment processing...

LedgerPay is the only future-forward payment processor in the market, providing brick and mortar merchants unprecedented added value with each payment transaction.

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Simple to Integrate Anywhere

Complete Data Insights

Optimized for Azure

Seamless End User Experiences

Won’t Overload Current POS

Insulates Against Security Breaches

LedgerPay solves two historically distinct problems with one elegant solution.

Payment Processing

Traditional payment processing services on a modern, cloud-enabled platform for a fee per transaction.

Payment Tokenization

Secure merchant access to purchase data that unlocks previously unavailable and invaluable insights into your customers.


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How are we disrupting the status quo of payment processing?

Until now, payment processing has had a singular, narrow purpose: to move funds. LedgerPay adds an innovative and revolutionary layer to the transaction, by collecting unique and previously unavailable customer purchase data, securely analyzing the information, and then unlocking valuable insights for merchants to drive additional revenue.

Helping merchants transform transactions into profitable experiences.

LedgerPay’s Payment Tokenization solution helps merchants instantly learn specific, definable information about their customers that they can then act upon for marketing, promotions, and inventory purposes. Unlike loyalty programs, which only account for a small percentage of consumers who opt in, LedgerPay securely taps data from every single customer who used a payment card, making a process that was once a tax now financially lucrative for merchants.

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“Payment processing has strictly been a cost center for us, a necessity with limited added value. LedgerPay now allows us to collect data with each payment transaction and turn that into actual value.”

— Customer

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