Consumer insights and payment processing aided by Microsoft Azure’s performance analytics and intelligence

The lack of insightful and actionable consumer insights and over-dependence on archaic and expensive payment processing platforms have held back consumer brands and merchants for decades. Quisitive’s LedgerPay product suite was created to solve these problems, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain in the Microsoft Azure cloud to improve customer loyalty by providing retailers and consumer goods brands with a dramatically more complete and relevant view of consumer preferences while simultaneously making payment options to retailers more reliable and cost-effective.

LedgerPay Insights

Consumer products manufacturers and retailers will have better access to consumer purchasing behaviors through data insights that are current, reliable, and complete. Brands and retailers can fully leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to securely model and analyze consumer transaction data in a way that protects consumer privacy and merchant confidentiality.

LedgerPay Processor

To combat margin erosion, retailers and online merchants need higher transaction throughput and reliability, lower fees, and shorter reconciliation times associated with payments processing. LedgerPay customers will achieve this by leveraging the scalable power of Microsoft Azure to provide a high-performance gateway and processing platform, designed from the ground up on a blockchain architecture. This will also serve as a base platform for future consumer payment technologies certain to disrupt the payments industry in a way most favorable to retailers.

LedgerPay Processor + LedgerPay Insights

LedgerPay Processor and LedgerPay Insights provide exponential benefits when used together.

LedgerPay Processor automatically feeds transactional POS data into a secure environment where the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of LedgerPay Insights are applied to generate meaningful, immediate insights about consumer preferences. These insights are vital to providing the level of customer experience necessary to attract and retain the most valuable consumers in a retail environment and to provide the right targeted offer to the right consumer at the right time.

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