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Thrive with Modern, Adaptable Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Seamless healthcare supply chain management is essential for delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Copilot for Supply Chain empower healthcare organizations to streamline procurement, materials, inventory, and distribution management so healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most – providing high-quality patient care.
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Effective supply chain management has saved U.S. healthcare organizations up to $23 billion annually, equating to a 17.7% reduction in supply chain expenses. (Navigant)

Modernize your supply chain with Dynamics 365 and Quisitive and start seeing the benefits today.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

Accelerate Replenishment & Delivery

Optimize Inventory Management

Collaborative Demand Planning

Gain agility and resiliency with an AI-powered digital supply chain
Improve Forecast Accuracy

Utilize AI-driven insights and predictive analytics to enhance supply and demand forecasts.


Dynamics 365 integrates historical clinical data and machine learning models for more accurate predictions and proactive planning.

Accelerate Replenishment & Delivery

Utilize complete MRP capabilities that run in minutes, enabling planners to react swiftly to demand changes.


Ensure continuous availability of critical medical supplies with shorter delivery lead times.

Optimize Inventory Management

Refine inventory fulfillment with dynamic stock buffers and automated inventory placement using Copilot.


Facilitate precise inventory management, minimizing stockouts and excess inventory while maintaining readiness across healthcare facilities.

Collaborative Demand Planning

Promote cross-departmental collaboration via Microsoft Teams.


Quickly align on-demand plans from procurement to frontline healthcare providers, ensuring cohesive supply chain management.

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Accelerated Deployment with MazikCare

Quisitive’s award-winning healthcare Cloud platform, MazikCare, means faster deployment, quicker adoption, and a ready-made Dynamics 365 solution made exclusively for healthcare providers

El Rio Community Health case study
El Rio Health Supply Chain Transformation Drives Better Health Outcomes
Quisitive helped transform El Rio Community Health System's supply chain to eliminate inventory, resource, and labor waste, save costs, and drive business efficiencies.
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Build a composable supply chain
Power Apps

Empower everyone across your supply chain to build apps using low-code development.

Power BI

Get real-time data to make fast, informed decisions across your supply chain.

Power Automate

Create automated workflows so your team can focus on more important work.

Microsoft Sustain

Simplify communication and collaboration to accomplish more across your service and support teams.

45% of health systems already use cloud-based supply chain management technologies, and 24% plan to implement these technologies within the next 2 years. (GHX)

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