High Gear for GitHub

Quisitive’s High Gear for GitHub offering enables organizations to quickly understand the importance of employing a strong DevOps foundation that leverages the power of GitHub Enterprise to maximize developer velocity to drive business agility through a two (2) week immersive engagement.

In today’s competitive business environment, implementing the right tools will make a world of difference for efficiency and visibility, critical for business success. GitHub Enterprise provides the platform to drive collaboration, knowledge, and velocity using the same concepts that have made Open Source systems a win for small and large organizations alike while providing the necessary enterprise security and governance for internal use for successful InnerSourcing.

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Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft and Advanced Specialization in Modern Application Development are rooted in our deep understanding of what it takes to successfully connect technology to valuable business outcomes.

We understand that different industries and companies have different needs and constraints. Whether you have just started your modem application journey or have already made it down the road, Quisitive will meet you where you are to help accomplish your goals.

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