High Gear for Azure Cloud Native Development

Cloud native applications are emerging as the new paradigm for software development. 

Companies adopt cloud native architectures to drive faster innovation, increased reliability and security for their software development projects.

This adoption involves architectural designs using a microservices strategy, running in containers or directly in native cloud services (such as Azure App Services or Azure Functions), creating and leveraging RESTFul lightweight APIs.

All of this is automated and fueled by DevOps processes and tools to power the CI/CD process.

The High Gear for Azure Cloud Native Development Program 

  • Application Design Session  

The Quisitive team will hold one or more workshops with your organization to plan out the proof of concept by understanding your organization’s goals, create a candidate architecture and approach and capture high-level requirements.

  • Backlog Planning

Coming out of the Application Design Session, the team will capture, refine and prioritize the business requirements into a backlog to be used for the proof of concept development. In addition, the User Stores for the first sprint will be groomed and ready to go.

  • Azure Landing Zone

As part of the proof of concept implementation, the Quisitive team will establish an Azure Landing Zone according to and based on existing templates our team has built, and that align to Microsoft best practices.

  • Proof of Concept

Once the planning and Azure Landing Zone are ready, Quisitive will embark on 3 one-week-long sprints working with the customer to create the proof-of-concept, all the while reviewing the progress and technology along the way.  

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High Gear for Azure Cloud Native Development Timeline 

Outcomes of the engagement include a proof-of-concept application that:

  • Is Azure Cloud Native
  • Is running in your Azure tenant
  • Includes DevOps automation pipelines for CI/CD
  • Showcases the knowledge and patterns to take forward