High Gear for Microsoft Teams

Achieve more with Quisitive’s High Gear for Microsoft Teams Workshops

Once a business has made the investment in Microsoft 365 and
Microsoft Teams, a vast new set of capabilities becomes available
to help strengthen corporate collaboration and transform the
digital workspace experience. As the hub for teamwork within
Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams is built so that users can put all the
tools they use daily into one centralized space, providing the
foundation to meet the demands of a digital workforce.

Yet, without a plan in place, the adoption of new technology
can be a challenge. Whenever there’s an implementation failure,
it’s often the technology that’s blamed. The reality is that for the
finest technical solution to succeed, you need to have a clear
activation plan.

Quisitive’s High Gear for Microsoft Teams is a workshop framework designed to help organizations understand how Microsoft Teams can be
successfully configured and rolled out so that your business sees
increased collaboration and improved productivity.

High Gear for Microsoft Teams is a powerful workshop designed to quickly unlock your organization’s investment in Microsoft Teams and streamline its usage throughout the business.

Sessions and Deliverables Focused to Meet Your Business Needs.





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